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Are you noticing that your toilet tank or other parts have water dripping down them, almost like those areas are ‘sweating’? Don’t worry, your toilet is not leaking, but believe it or not, ‘sweating’ is something that can occur!


A toilet commonly sweats due to high humidity, similar to water glasses in the summer months or any solid surface much colder than its environment. The ‘sweat’ itself is just condensation, but if it becomes a nuisance, it is time to fix it!


But what causes a toilet to sweat, is it a bad thing, and most importantly, how can it be stopped? First, understanding what causes a toilet to sweat can help figure out what it will take to fix it.


Why Is My Toilet Sweating?

Bathrooms Are Generally Damper – From sinks to showerheads, there are several water sources in your bathroom and standing water in those areas. Especially following a hot shower, the humidity in a bathroom hits levels similar to outside, causing the toilet tank to sweat.


The Bathroom Fan Isn’t Working Properly – Given all that moisture that can build up inside a bathroom, your ventilation is paramount to keep down humidity. If your bathroom fan is clogged up with hair, dust, or residue from hair spray, it will not properly remove humidity.


Your Tank Seal Is Faulty – Water is held in a toilet tank, used during flushing. A seal often referred to as a ‘flapper’ keeps this water separate from your tank. If your flapper is leaking, this can cause condensation to build up.


How Can My Toilet Sweat Be Stopped?

Add An Anti-Sweat Valve – Many homeowners do not understand the anti-sweat valve on a toilet; it is a simple diverter that allows some hot water to enter the toilet tank. This device can drastically offset the temperature variation and cease sweating.


Lower Bathroom Humidity – Lowering the humidity of your bathroom will completely eradicate toilet sweat. These efforts can vary from replacing a poorly functioning exhaust fan or simply taking cooler showers with a slightly cracked open door.


Complete Toilet Replacement – If some of these efforts don’t help, installing a new toilet will! Today, high-efficiency toilets are better insulated, have an anti-sweat valve, and even use less water.


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